Park Rules

Park Rules


The following Site Rules are intended to ensure that acceptable standards are maintained on the Park for the benefit of residents generally, and to promote and maintain community cohesion on the Park.

These Rules form part of the terms of the occupation agreement between the Park owner and each resident living on the Park, and must be followed to ensure that good order is maintained on the Park at all times for the benefit of all occupiers.


These rules will not have retrospective effect, meaning that they will only apply from the date on which they take effect. No occupier who is in occupation on that date will be in breach of these rules by reason of any circumstances known to the Park owner which were in existence on that date and which would not have been a breach of the previous Park rules.

With the exception of rules 11 and 13 (if the Park owner is responsible for maintenance of the exterior of the park home), these rules also apply to any persons who occupy a park home on the Park which is rented from the Park owner.

These rules also apply to the Park owner, any employees of the Park owner, or any family members of the Park owner or his employees, where such persons live on the Park.


In these rules:

“occupier” means anyone who occupies a park home on the Park, whether under an agreement to which the Mobile Homes Act 1983 (as amended) applies, under a tenancy agreement, or under any other form of agreement;

“you” and “your” means the occupier or occupiers of a park home on the Park; and

“we”, “us” and “our” means the Park owner.

The Pitch

1.Private gardens must be kept neat and tidy. You must obtain our approval (which will not be unreasonably withheld) before erecting any fences, hedges or other boundary structures. Any such structures must be positioned so as to comply with the Park’s site licence conditions and fire safety requirements. Gardens must be left intact when you vacate your pitch.

2.You are not permitted to keep any flammable substances on the Park except for your reasonably necessary domestic use. Where solid fuel is used it must be stored in a non-combustible bunker, designed and constructed for this purpose, which must be sited not less than five (5) metres from any home on the Park. Only smokeless fuels may be used on solid fuel appliances.

3.For health and safety reasons you may not store any items underneath your home at any time. If your home has a brick skirting underneath it, a hatch or access door must be fitted to the skirting to allow access to the underside of the home.

4.For the safety of occupiers, bonfires, paraffin heaters, incinerators, pyrotechnics and other external fires are not permitted on the Park. Barbecues are permitted provided the relevant occupier has taken adequate firefighting precautions.

5.No explosive materials may be kept on the Park.

6.No guns, firearms or other offensive weapons may be kept on the Park.

7.You or your guests must not damage, remove or interfere with any equipment, property, flora or fauna on the Park which is owned by us or by any third party.

8.You must ensure that your visitors comply with the Park rules and the site licence conditions, and do not do anything on the Park which may cause a nuisance to us or to others.

9.Visitors cannot stay longer than 10 weeks in a 12 month period.

10.You are responsible for ensuring that all electrical and gas installations and appliances in your home are safe and comply with current standards.

11.You are responsible for ensuring that your pitch is maintained in a safe and accessible condition at all times.


12. You must maintain your park home in a sound state of repair and condition (including being capable of movement from one place to another without undue risk of damage) at all times.

13.If you wish to carry out improvements to your home or pitch you must make a written request to us in advance, setting out the details of the proposed improvements along with plans/sketches of the proposed improvements. No improvements may be carried out to the pitch or to the exterior of the home without our prior written permission, which will not be unreasonably withheld.

14. You must maintain the exterior of your park home in a clean and tidy condition. Where the exterior is repainted or re-covered, you must use reasonable endeavours not to depart from the original exterior colour scheme unless prior written permission is sought, which will not be unreasonably withheld.

Sheds and Other Structures

15. One storage shed or other structure is permitted per pitch. The size, type, material, location and design of the shed must be approved in writing in advance by us (which will not be unreasonably withheld). No shed which exceeds 8 feet in length, 6 feet in width or 7 feet in height will be permitted. It is your responsibility to ensure that your shed is adequately maintained and kept in a neat and tidy condition at all times.

16. Any shed or other structure erected on the pitch must be made of non-combustible material, and must comply with the conditions of the Park’s site licence and fire safety requirements.


17. You are responsible for the disposal of your household waste, including garden and recyclable waste. Waste must be deposited in the appropriate bins or containers provided, which must be left in the correct location for collection by the local authority on the appropriate day. Containers must not be overfilled and should be taken back onto your pitch as soon as possible after emptying.

Business Activities

18. You are not permitted to carry on any business activities from your park home, the pitch or any other part of the Park, and you must not use the park home, the pitch or the Park for the storage of stock, plant, machinery or equipment used or intended for any business purpose.

19.You may work individually from home by carrying out any office work of a type which does not create a nuisance to other occupiers and does not involve other staff, other workers, customers or members of the public calling at the park home or the Park.

 Age Limit

 20. No person under the age of 50 years (with the exception of the Park owner, his family, his employees and members of his employees’ family) is permitted to live on the Park.

Noise Nuisance

21. Musical instruments, music players and other appliances must not be used in such a way as may cause a nuisance or disturbance to others, particularly between the hours of 10:30 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.

22. In consideration to all residents, grass cutting should not take place before 10:30 am on Sundays.

23. The playing of outdoor games on the Park is prohibited.


24. You may not keep any pet or animal in the park home or on the pitch or the Park except for the following:

a. not more than one (1) dog. Dogs must be kept under proper control (on a leash not more than 1 metre in length) while on the Park, and must not be permitted to upset or cause a nuisance to other users of the Park. Dogs must not despoil the Park, and you are responsible for disposing safely and hygienically of any waste. No dogs of a breed which is subject to the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 or similar legislation are permitted on the Park;

b. not more than one (1) domestic cat. Cats must not be permitted to upset or cause a nuisance to other users of the Park, and must not despoil the Park;

c.  very small pets such as hamsters and caged birds are not prohibited provided they are kept indoors.

25.These rules do not have retrospective effect. If you were permitted to keep a pet on the Park under the previous rules you will not be treated as being in breach when these rules take effect.

26.Nothing in these rules prevents you from keeping an assistance dog if this is required to support your disability and Assistance Dogs UK or any successor body has issued you with an Identification Book or other appropriate evidence of requirement.

Water Supply

27. You must take appropriate steps to safeguard your external water pipes against damage or bursting from frost. You are responsible for maintaining the visible pipework on your pitch at all times.

28.You must not discharge any material which may result in the Park’s drains or sewers becoming blocked. Any costs incurred by us in unblocking the drains as a result will be charged to the occupier(s) involved.

29.Where water is not separately metered at the park home or not charged separately, hosepipes, sprinklers or outside taps must not be used.

Vacant Pitches

30.Access to vacant pitches by occupiers or their guests is not permitted, and you must not tamper with or move building materials, plant or machinery.

 Vehicles and Parking

31. All vehicles must be driven on the Park safely and with due care and attention, and must obey the stated speed limit on the Park. The one-way systems are to be strictly observed, and vehicles must not reverse around the road systems.

32. Each household is permitted to keep up to one (1) vehicle on the Park.

33.Parking is only permitted in the spaces provided.

34. Roads must be kept clear at all times for access by emergency vehicles.

35. As required by law, all vehicles driven by or on behalf of occupiers on the Park must be taxed, insured and in a roadworthy condition, and driven only by persons who are insured to drive them and who hold a valid driving licence for the type of vehicle being driven.

36. Abandoned or unroadworthy vehicles must not be kept or used on the Park, and we may take appropriate steps to remove such vehicles from the Park. All costs for such removal will be passed to the vehicle owner.

37. Major maintenance to vehicles, including dismantling of the whole or parts of the engine, or any works involving the removal of oil or other fluids, is not permitted on the Park.

38.Other than for delivering goods and services, you must not park or allow the parking of commercial vehicles of any sort on the Park, including (a) light commercial or light goods vehicles as described in the vehicle taxation legislation, and (b) non-proprietary converted vehicles intended for domestic use, but which are derived or adapted from a commercial vehicle.

39. Touring caravans, boats and camper vans will be allowed on the Park for a maximum of 24 hours to allow for cleaning/provisioning prior to any excursion, provided this does not breach any of the conditions of the Park’s site licence.

Fire Precautions

40. It is forbidden to tamper with or to interfere with any of the fire-fighting equipment on the Park. Fire point hoses and other fire-fighting equipment must only be used in case of emergency.

41. All park homes should be equipped with appropriate fire-fighting equipment which conforms to the relevant British Standard. You are responsible for ensuring your fire-fighting equipment is maintained in good working order.

42. All occupiers should familiarise themselves with the information provided about the procedures to be adopted in case of fire.